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My Clients Did 5 Things to Grow Their Income by 6 Figures.

Find out how they did it (and how you can too!)

When my clients make quantum leaps in their income, the experience huge gains in ALL aspects of their life. And now I want to share with you the 5 most important shifts they made to make it happen - so you can do it too! 

This training is NOT about any 5 step formula.  This is about who you need to become to create the kind of income leap you want.


And if there's one thing I know for sure, that adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to your income, isn't really about the money "itself" at all.


It IS about:

  • Fulfilling your purpose

  • Pursuing your passions

  • Expressing who you really are

  • Making room for more in your life

  • Freedom



    "The biggest breakthrough for me actually came from making the financial commitment to a year of coaching with Nafissa.


    Since I started working with Nafissa my business has gone from mid-six to just shy of 7 figures, but more importantly my fees and margins have increased so that I have been able to pay everyone including myself more and self-finance my company's growth"



    Lori Steeves | SimplyHomeDecorating.com



    "Before working with Nafissa, my income was stuck at the 50K mark while I worked around the clock.  I just thought if I worked harder then eventually the money would come.  I was wrong.


    In less than one year after starting to work with Nafissa, I increased my income by 30%. The next year I doubled it.  And now as I continue to work with her, I continue to increase my income, earning multi 6 figures.  I've launched a new business, found the love of my life who supports me as an entrepreneur and I travel the world regularly"



    Nona Ilieva, MBA, CPA | Accounting Reimagined

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