Word for Word Script to Help You Transition Any Professional Conversation to an Enrollment Conversation - Without Being "Salesy"

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You know the scenario....'re having a conversation with someone when they bring up a challenge or a problem they are having.  You KNOW you can help them, but you hesitate - what will they think?  How do you let them know you can help them without sounding cheezy, sleezy or "salesy".


This script along with the included mindset tips, will help you transition a casual conversation into an invitation to a formal Discovery session - without ever feeling cheesy or salesy.

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  • What you need to know about professional conversations

  • The first thing to say when a prospect tells you their challenges

  • How to get your prospect thinking about your services, without even mentioning your services

  • How to book the enrollment conversation right then and there

  • How to do all of the above with the highest integrit, never ever feeling like you're "selling" or "pitching"

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