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  • How to Make Money Decisions Confidently

    When you need to make decisions in your business that involve money, it can be terrifying. This calculator will take the emotion out of it and help you to make the right choice for your business.

  • 5 Ways You Could Be Undercharging Without Even Knowing It

    There are a few sneaky ways that undercharging works its way in. Learn what they are and avoid them

  • Uncover Your Money Set Point

    If your Income is stuck in neutral, it's possible you've hit up against your subconscious money ceiling.  I teach you how to calculate it and how to change it.

  • Courageous Money Conversations 

    Learn how to have those "icky" conversations with your clients and never feel awkward about it.

  • How to Talk To Your Spouse About Investing In Your Business

    Speaking of courageous conversations.....talking to your significant other about investing in your business can be a real challenge. Learn how to approach it so that you both are involved and respected as partners, but you don't feel like you're "asking for permission".

  • Clearing Money Clutter

    Money clutter blocks money flow. My best tips to remove energetic clutter around money so it can start flowing freely again. 

  • 20 Ways to Find Money Fast

    Need a cash infusion quickly?  Here's 20 ways to find it.

  • The "UN-Budget" worksheet

    I'll teach you how to throw your budget out the window!  That's right!  And you'll do it in a way that is sensible and puts you on the path to managing your money in a fiscally responsible way that creates what you want without deprivation.

  • Replacing Corporate Income Worksheet

    Thinking of leaving your corporate role to start your own hustle?  Calculate exactly how much you'll need to make in your business to keep your income and standard of living the same.

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